Saturday, March 8, 2008

Some links worth clicking

African tribal fashions

In New York City minor subway infractions can lead to nightmares

North Korea has 14 women and 8 men shot for no good reason

Dude invents new letter and it actually gets added to the alphabet

A Venn diagram that explains Britain’s various names

Awe-inspiring pictures of Dubai developments

"Everyone knew dimethylmercury was bad," says Sugden. "No one knew it was this bad."

Bach’s face reconstructed

Some woman makes a good case for staying in Iraq (but the US still can’t afford to)

Iraq: everybody lost, no matter which side they were on

Your Stuff: If It Isn't Grown, It Must Be Mined

Dick Cavett: Bobby Fischer before he went crazy

The 61-year-old eccentric behind Abercrombie & Fitch

Uber-cute lion-hug video

More cute: before and after


Diane Dehler said...

The subway story is deplorable. A local TV station in the SF Bay Area has a "reporter" who does stories about people "behaving badly." They did a feature on criminals "eating" on BART (subway). Of course they didn't mention some of these people had finished one shift and were on their way to another, and this was their lunch/dinner hour. They actually showed these people on TV with their coffee or quick meal. Where does this stop?

Anonymous said...

I would have more sympathy for people eating on BART if there were fewer stories like this one:

"I just posted a comment about the slip and fall injury I sustained over 8 months ago (see Recent Postings). Someone spilled their coffee and didn't have the decency to oover it with paper. I couldn't see the spill because I was exiting the train with everyone else. I slipped in it, took a flying leap and landed on my head, just above my eye. My doctor says I probably fractured my brow bone. I'm seeing another doctor on Monday to see if I need an MRI. The injury is still bothering me and BART has rejected the claim."

Unless a person lives upstairs from one BART station (so they don't even need to cross the street to get there from home) and works directly upstairs from another (so they don't have to cross the street there either), there are other times in their commute that they could eat.