Monday, September 3, 2007

A Treasure Trove of Spiffing Links You Probably Missed

Brilliant “Engineer of the Century” invented a human-powered flying machine that crossed the English Channel and a working solar-powered plane.

Solomon Islander who saved JFK’s life finally getting some credit.

A helpful map of Miss South Carolina’s brain.

Drawings by a Japanese soldier held captive in the USSR.

Haplesss little sparrow murdered by mob of domino crazies.

John Donne and the torture debate of 1625.

Finally, someone has done something imaginative with stairs.

Simple-but-brilliant method for changing salt water into drinking water.

Russians find a massive sub-glacial lake sealed off from the rest of the world’s ecosystem for probably millions of years. What lurks beneath?

Thousands of forgotten refugees still in temporary camp 60 years on.

A fascinating collection of (mostly) Polish movie posters.

Foreign policy experts don’t know diddly about making predictions.

Man with 172 IQ lived as a five-year old and collected Mr. Rogers’ episodes. A waste or just a good example?

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