Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Feast of Goodies You Might Have Missed


10 signs of intelligent life on YouTube

10 positive items from the Islamic world

I Am the Very Model of a Model Libertarian

How Henrietta attained immortality

Solar-powered internet cafes (in Gambia)

Pay attention to road signs! (picture)

Chinese anchor makes unexpected comments

Lack of sewing skills (no warm undies!) might have doomed Neanderthals

The web page that could have saved the Neanderthals (scroll down for image)

Inside the Iranian government on 911

The German healthcare system

D Day on a shoestring (4-minute video)

Rush Limbaugh’s Nightmare: pink-clad “feminazis” ready to whoop ass

Why repealing the tax cuts might stimulate the economy

MBA the easy way

An insider explains Scientology

Citigroup buys bank, cancels accounts of people who pay on time (read down all the way)

1 comment:

Diane Dehler said...

Hi G and CC. See you are enjoying an acerbic political season. I don't remember things ever having this kind of charge. Hope for all of us it works out somehow. Perhaps a miracle might help. (only a secular one though) :)